“Lifelong VIP big housekeeping” Service

(1) comprehensive type management (maintenance, maintenance, repair)
1.In the product warranty period, to provide satisfactory after-sales service, won the customer trust, improve enterprise reputation.
2.Cleaning of tank cleaning twice a year, including: cleaning corrosion, clean up the rusty spot, maintenance of surface passivation.
3.Depending on the usage of water tank on the internal structure, waterproof seal box (pool) cover, air holes net defects, accessories for maintenance and replacement (checking replacement program must get customer recognition and confirmation in advance).

(2) actuarial cost (spend money, save a lot of money, prolong service life)
1.In strict accordance with the water tank maintenance manual implementation, according to the actual usage of customers, tailored design solutions for clients, make the normal operation of the water tank is always
2.For water tank use fixed number of year to customers, I direction customer VIP preferential replacement scheme is put forward.

(3) the close-fitting service 24 hours a day
1.Timely processing of all kinds of unexpected emergency, timely handling of customer complaints, always adhere to the customer service oriented.
2.The city within the scope of business services from received a phone call to respond must not exceed 8 hours, if can't solve within 24 hours to send maintenance personnel to the scene, troubleshooting;Until the customer satisfaction, after waiting for customer's signature, before departure.
3.Foreign business delegate cooperation service center, the program was implemented according to customer's request.Such as on-site technical problems, the company provide remote support.Such as must be solved by the company's technical experts to the scene, looks journey far and near 1-3 days arrived at the scene.

We always believe that good after-sales service will greatly enhance the enterprise the credibility of the brand.Shanghai tonghua adhering to the "customer first" principle, established a perfect after-sale technical service system, and adopted the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification;And under the guidance of "lifelong VIP big housekeeper", thought the tonghua tank customer service based on decades of industry experience, to do everything by heart better as criterion, take the customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, fully for tonghua tank customers for after-sales service work, commitment, build the first service brand in China.